10-11 July, 2018 • Bangalore, India

IEEE-SA InDITA Conference

10-11 July 2018 – Bangalore, India

InDITA: Digital Inclusion through Trust and Agency…India

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is collaborating with the co-founders and organizers of the highly revered Internet Identity Workshop ( IIW ) to present the 2018 IEEE-SA  InDITA Conference. The IIW has produced 26 semi-annual conferences over the course of 13 years with a reputable history of success utilizing “an attendee-based” participatory conference platform to develop many of the solutions we see today in the world of identity.

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is introducing a two-day conference with the goal of developing an outcome-based collaborative community to address the challenges of affordable accessibility for disconnected communities within India, a trust framework for protecting the digital persona, and enabling the digital citizen the right to manage (agency) who, when, what and how they want to transact with other entities.

The IEEE InDITA is not another identity conference but it is an “unConference”. The unique design of this conference is to bring a robust concentration of technologists, researchers, government regulators, academia, ethicists and other critical experts both from India and around the world who are committed to finding and/or developing solutions in affordable accessibility to the internet, protecting and securing the identity of the digital persona, empowering the digital citizen with the right to choose when, who, how and why they want to transact with an entity while having the right to be forgotten, and much more.

Why you should participate in the InDITA Conference?

  • This is a participatory conference. You, the attendee, will propose and lead sessions in real-time at the conference on relevant topics, ideas and challenges that matter to you.
  • This is an outcome based event. InDITA will be the platform to evaluate ideas, and design and build systems that provide affordable accessibility or empower individuals to manage his/her identity
  • The time is right. Discussions around national identity, securing digital persona, and digital inclusion for all are immediate and require our attention. We are bringing a new platform to enable a timely exchange of new ideas and approaches to this problem.


Janaki Srinivasan

John Callahan

Greg Adamson

Doc Searls

Phil Windley

Kaliya Young

Subhashish Bhadra

Beni Chugh


How to Contact our Team

We are seeking participation from underwriters (sponsors), attendees and category experts to facilitate and participate in this critical event.


Contact Munir Mohammed at munir.mohammed@ieee.org.

OUTSIDE of India

Contact Maria Palombini at m.palombini@ieee.org.