10-11 July, 2018 • Bangalore, India

Why you should participate in the InDITA Conference?

  • This is a participatory conference. You, the attendee, will propose and lead sessions in real-time at the conference on relevant topics, ideas and challenges that matter to you.
  • This is an outcome based event. InDITA will be the platform to evaluate ideas, and design and build systems that provide affordable accessibility or empower individuals to manage his/her identity
  • The time is right. Discussions around national identity, securing digital persona, and digital inclusion for all are immediate and require our attention. We are bringing a new platform to enable a timely exchange of new ideas and approaches to this problem.

What you will be talking about at the InDITA Conference?

  • Digital Inclusion: finding and developing affordable solutions that will provide internet access to all communities
  • Trust: identifying and developing a framework utilizing emerging technologies that provides transparency, privacy, the right to be forgotten and restores dignity to digital transactions amongst individuals and entities
  • Agency: identifying and developing solutions that empower the individual to manage his / her identity taking into account ethical, cultural, literacy considerations,
  • Self Sovereign Identity
  • Blockchain Identity 
  • Biometrics  
  • Individual Empowerment
  • Tools for humans  
  • Verified Domain Names
  • Verified e-mail  
  • DIDs
  • Plus, any other topic you identify as relevant and critical to the conversation and the solution.

How the InDITA Conference Comes Together

The IEEE-Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is collaborating with the co-founders and organizers of the highly revered Internet Identity Workshop ( IIW ) to present the 2018 IEEE-SA  InDITA Conference. The IIW has produced 26  semi-annual conferences over the course of 13 years with a reputable history of success utilizing “an attendee-based” participatory conference platform to develop many of the solutions we see today in the world of identity.

View a Documentary about IIW here ~ Not Just Who They Say We Are: Claiming Our Identity on the Internet

Not Just Who They Say We Are from Phil Windley on Vimeo.

Top outcomes nurtured from IIW’s collaborative process include:

  • Identity Protocols such as OAuth 2 and Open ID Connect
  • UMA – User Managed Access
  • Information Sharing (Kantara working group)
  • SCIM
  • Information Cards
  • Decentralized IDentifies DID
  • DIDAuth
  • Verified Claims
  • FIDO
  • Attending IIW was instrumental in development for an array of Identity Products and Companies including: Yubico, HIE of One, Evernym, Bespoke Engineering, CyngaSpace, digi.me

Utilizing this blueprint for success, we intend to engage this platform to bring solutions to the immediate challenges in India.